If you want to spice things up for your wedding, you should think about having a totally different theme. Forget the conventional ideas that you are likely to find in every wedding you go for. Try something different. For instance, if you enjoy betting, and you have friends you also do, why not have a casino themed wedding. Some of the things that will make your wedding a success are the following.

The Venue

The venue should be a place that allows you to add in some casino themed decorations. You should also go for a location that is spacious enough to enable casino enthusiasts to mingle and interact freely without feeling crowded. It is simple things like having sockets that allow you to play casino themed music that makes a whole difference.


Who says that people cannot dress up for a casino themed wedding? Have a theme that matches the mood. You can even get the guests to dress for a black-tie event. Choose a casino colour, such as black and gold, and ask people to dress up like they are going for a fun wedding.


The reason why you are choosing a casino themed wedding is to show that you embrace the fun side of your life. Make it show by selecting the right music. Have a session where people can get time to check out exciting developments in the online casino world such as BitStarz casino welcome bonus and others.


The food choices on the menu should match up the theme. Have a cake that has a casino themed decoration. The foods for the guests should include bitings that people would ordinarily eat if they were playing casino games. Chicken wings, meatballs, exotic drinks, and other delicious foods should be on the menu. They should be light so that the guests do not feel too full to move after the meal.