Overseas or Interstate Clients

Congratulations on your decision to celebrate your love!

For those wishing to marry on the pristine sun drenched beaches, parks or lush hinterland properties of Byron Bay or  the Gold Coast but don’t reside here, rest assured, the process is very simple and hassle free!

The Process


Initial contact

Initial contact is usually via email and often a skype meeting is arranged. We will discuss your vision and plans for your ceremony and I will outline the legal requirements for all marriages in Australia. I usually answer many questions you may have about every aspect of your ceremony and share local knowledge and information about service providers you may need.



  • The Notice of Intent to Marry NOIM must be activated by at least one signature and be lodged with me no later than one month prior to your celebration. If interstate or overseas, this form can be witnessed where you live and scanned and emailed to me to meet the time frame.  Those eligible to witness are listed on the NOIM.  The original must be presented when we meet.
  • Identity documents – either passports or originals of birth certificates + photographic ID must be presented any time prior to your ceremony.
  • If previously married, original of divorce or death certificates must be presented any time prior to your ceremony. For brides I also need to sight original of birth and marriage certificates.
  • You will sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marry at rehearsal or prior to your ceremony.


Developing your ceremony

Whether you are local or live away from the region, I will work closely with you, getting to know you and gaining an understanding of your vision for your celebration.  All planning can be done remotely, with ease.  For some the ceremony is simply a legal requirement that precedes the wow party.  However for others the ceremony is the heart and soul of their celebration.  For many couples who are quite clear on how they want to celebrate their love, the task is easy, for some there is indecision.  If you wish, I will share many resources and be comfortable with as much or as little input from you as you desire. We will review your likes and dislikes, consider possible inclusions and complete a ceremony plan, the scaffolding for your ceremony which will assist me to create a first draft.   I will jot down personal threads of ‘your story’ and may ask the odd question to help make your ceremony warm, personal and if you wish, a little humorous. Central to initial planning will be your ideas and your vision.  If you need inspiration I will share ebooks, sample ceremonies and a myriad of other resources.  General information will be collected about every detail, including your attendants, dress code, colours, involvement of others, times etc.

Couples may write their own ceremony however the majority rely upon the celebrant to do this.  Many hours will be devoted to writing your ceremony.  It will be much like a piece of pottery, a masterpiece in the making, moulded and remoulded until it is perfect for you.  All communication at this stage is done via email. There will be nothing included in your ceremony that does not meet with your final approval.



A rehearsal is always strongly recommended as there are many last minute details to iron out to ensure your ceremony is flawless and cohesive.  Always fun, your rehearsal also serves to dissolve pre ceremony nerves when you have the opportunity to see how it will pan out.  Some couples elect to attend alone while others include the whole bridal party, parents and any others involved.  Either works well.  The initial focus of a rehearsal is your ceremony space together with any structures you have planned and where the groom will stand to await his love.  The next box to tick will be the bride’s entrance, choreographed perfectly to accompanying music. The bride’s transition to her love and all other movements will be rehearsed. An onsite rehearsal is obviously preferred but if not possible, a mud map of your space will suffice and a practice run can take place anywhere.  You will sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marry at this meeting. If unable to meet for a rehearsal I will share my rehearsal notes of those minor issues that need to be sorted.


Your Wedding Day

On your big day I will ensure everything is in order and deliver your ceremony with a professional calm and warmth.  I like to arrive well before the arrival of guests to set up my PA system, register and all else that is required.  I will cast an eye over your ceremony space and ensure it is as you wished. I liaise with photographer, venue coordinator, decorator, musicians and lend a hand wherever needed.  When the groom and his party arrive I often attach boutonnieres, adjust ties, confirm last minute details and calm nerves.


After Your Wedding

In the days following your ceremony I will complete your paper work and submit it to Births Deaths & Marriages in the state you were married. I am happy to include your application for Marriage Certificate which is required for name changing.  If applying this way, those marrying in Qld are required to present three POI documents to their celebrant who will then endorse their application. No further POI documents are required for NSW marriages.   If you prefer, Qld and NSW couples can apply independently for their Certificate of Marriage online. I love to share any images I take at your celebration and am always thrilled to receive yours.

Need more information? Contact Marg or read the FAQ's