Elopements are a wonderful way to bypass the countless decisions to be made, associated stress and expense that accompanies a large wedding. Gone are the days when elopements were an act of defiance, running away with your love. These days an elopement generally means a couple plan their celebration, often a getaway, with or without a couple of their own witnesses. Your celebration instantly becomes much more intimate, just the two of you with or without a couple of close friends. For whatever reason more and more couples are electing to plan a very private, intimate elopement ceremony which is much the same as a regular ceremony.

The Process


Initial contact

Initial contact can be made via email to arrange a skype or face to face meeting if you wish. Many eloping couples do away with an initial meeting, making all arrangements via email.



  • The Notice of Intent to Marry NOIM must be activated by at least one signature and lodged with me no later than one month prior to your elopement date. If interstate or overseas, this can be easily done where you live and scanned and emailed to me to meet the time frame. The original must be presented when we meet, generally on your elopement day.
  • Confirming your identity – either passports or originals of birth certificates + photographic ID must be presented when we meet, generally on your elopement day.
  • If previously married originals of divorce or death certificate must be presented when we meet, generally on your elopement day.
  • A Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marry will be signed when we meet, prior to your ceremony.


Developing your ceremony

Whether you are local or live away from the region, I will work closely with you, gaining an understanding of your vision for your elopement ceremony. All planning can be done remotely, with ease. You may be happy with the bare basics, doing away with many of the traditional inclusions or you may be after a ceremony that resembles a regular ceremony. We will review your likes and dislikes, consider possible inclusions and draft a ceremony plan, which will assist me to create a first draft. Central to initial planning will be your ideas and your vision. If you need inspiration I will share ebooks, sample ceremonies and a myriad of other resources. There will be nothing included in your ceremony that does not meet with your final approval.


Your elopement day

On your elopement day we will meet at your desired location. If we haven’t met previously we will firstly spend a short time addressing the legal requirements. I will sight your identity documents, paperwork to confirm termination of any previous marriages, collect original of your NOIM and you will sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment of Marry. Either you will provide the required two witnesses or I will. We will proceed with your ceremony.


After your elopement

In the days following your ceremony I will complete your paper work and submit it to Births Deaths & Marriages in the state you were married. I am happy to include your application for Marriage Certificate which is required for name changing.  If applying this way, those marrying in Qld are required to present three POI documents to their celebrant who will then endorse their application. No further POI documents are required for NSW marriages. If you prefer, Qld and NSW couples can apply independently for their Certificate of Marriage online. I love to share any images I take at your celebration and am always thrilled to receive yours.

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