Wet Wet Wet!

  • Posted 11 Jul 2017 | By admin

You’re not left with a lot of options if foul weather arrives on your wedding day. If yours is an outdoor ceremony, you’re at the mercy of the weather. If simply a passing shower you have a little wriggle room… your decorator or stylist might be happy to run a cloth over damp seats while your celebrant should be agreeable to a short delay in start time.

Keeping guests dry is important here so umbrellas or cover are essential. When at the point of making a decision about resorting to Plan B, keep in mind your beautiful wedding gown and heels will come into contact with whatever is underfoot, be that puddles, mud or slippery grass.   Musician’s and celebrant’s sound gear need to be protected from moisture.

Heavy, incessant rain or electric storm are a totally different proposition! Plan B is essential here and it’s important that you don’t let the weather overshadow your celebration. There’s nothing you can do about it so roll with it and keep positive!

Some decorators like to ‘call it’ a couple of hours prior to start time.  If a different venue is on the cards, all service providers will have to be notified at the earliest.  Your certificate of marriage, one of the three documents signed in your ceremony, must reflect the correct location and may have to be reprinted.

To soften the blow if yours is a wet wedding, rain is considered a good omen on your wedding day…it makes the ‘knot’ harder to undo and there’ll be less tears in your marriage!

Here are a few tips…

  • Always have Plan B to fall back on. Often your venue will allow you to have the ceremony there. If having a marquee or tepee, factor in a possible ceremony space that is easily set up and down. Hire the local hall just in case! Many are cost effective and save the day!
  • Have umbrellas and or shelter available for guests.
  • Delegate any jobs involved with change of venue to a trusted ‘other’.
  • Negotiate a stay in proceedings with your decorator and celebrant should there be a passing shower.

Kara & Jason’s wedding fell on the wettest Saturday of the year! They rolled with it and as you can see in their video, had a brilliant celebration. Nothing, not even wicked weather, was going to take from their celebration! Thanks for sharing Yellowbull Weddings!

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