Are we on the same page?

  • Posted 7 Jul 2015 | By admin

All Marriage Celebrants in Australia are duty bound to provide couples intending to marry with the brochure titled, ‘Happily Ever… Before and After’. This brochure details the importance of Relationship Education before and after marriage. Other topics include essential information about changes that will take place after marriage, including name change, making a will, ownership and legal obligations.

As mentioned in White Magazine – Issue Eighteen – there are many questions that need to be considered to ensure marital bliss…

Q: Do we want children?
Q: Will one of us give up work when we have children?
Q: Would we adopt if we found out we are not able to have children?
Q: Who had control of finances in your family?
Q: Do we both have the same attitude to saving?
Q: Will household responsibilities be shared equally?
Q: Individual or joint bank accounts?
Q: Are our career paths compatible?
Q: Are we prepared to move away from our families?
Q: Are we affectionate enough towards each other?
Q: Do you still have feelings for old flames?
Q: Is it OK for our best friends to be of the opposite sex?
Q: Who do you turn to for advice?
Q: What is the best relationship advice we have ever received?
Q: Do you like each other’s friends and family?
Q: What sort of relationship do you have with your family?
Q: What do you think about public displays of affection?
Q: What makes you sad or happy?